JB Martial Arts Classes

Lil' Dragons Age 4-6
This fun and exciting program will
highlight basic techniques with simple drills that stress positive reinforcement
for goals achieved.

Ages 7-up
This class focuses on a combination of forms and sparring techniques to enhance skill development.

Adult Class
Tae Kwon Do is our base art but because we believe no one style is complete, this class teaches aspects of other arts , which emphasizes close quarters fighting tactics, utilizing strikes, joint locks, and take downs

Women’s Self-Defense
This class teaches you to use simple tactics and a combination of several martial arts techniques to defeat stronger, more skilled, and even armed opponents

Personal Training
By Appointment Only
Get a total body aerobic and strength workout and set up a program that meets your goals to teach you the best way to exercise.

Private Lessons
By Appointment Only
One on one Martial Arts Training that is tailored to your specific wants and needs.

Birthday Parties
Have you next birthday party with us.
Call us about rates and schedule.